Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sports day!

Tomorrow (Friday 13th) is our sports day!

It starts at 1:15pm.

We look forward to seeing lots of people cheering us on.

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Photos are not our own and sites have been referenced. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Beach clean

Acorn class went to Mundesley beach to take part in a beach clean.

This board is near the entrance of the beach. This allows anyone who is passing to do their part and clean the beach.

We got given pickups and gloves. This is so that we don't have to pick up the rubbish with our hands and so that we don't get dirty. 

We had a very important talk about what me might find and what we need to do. 

We had lots of fun at the beach clean and we are so proud of our class for doing our part for the environment.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Stody Farm visit

Crops in the field.

The Aberdeen cows and bull. 

We looked at  the crops then Farmer Ross let us have a look at all the harvested seeds in tubs.

This is Big Bertha. Big Bertha is a very expensive tractor. Each wheel costs £5,000.
If Big Bertha needed all her wheels changing, how much would that cost?

That's right £20,000


Stranger's Hall *Part 2*

A lady called Helena came to see us too. Helena is from Norwich 1666. She wasn't in London when the fire happened. Helena asked us if we wanted to see what items they had in their houses during the time of the fire. 

We were very interested in what all of the items were. Some of the items we saw were a lot different to our version of the item. 

Some of the items were the same. This one was obvious, we knew it was a drinking cup. 

This is a flintlock gun. It was quite heavy. 

This is a gunpowder horn. The horn holds the gunpowder. The cork at the bottom gets pulled off and can be tipped into the gun. Helena demonstrated how this was done.
The walls of this lantern is made from bull horn.

The large white tower was exciting for us all. We didn't know what it was. Helena told us it is called sugar loaf. This is Helena's favourite thing. Samuel Pepys saved his cheese and wine, Helena said she would save her sugar. 

Acorn class had a lovely time at Stranger's Hall. 

Stranger's Hall *Part 1*

Acorn class went to Stranger's Hall in Norwich to find out more about The Great Fire of London.

We had people come in and dress up. They were dressed up from the past (1666).

We had a visit from a lady called Jemima. Jemima time travelled to Norwich from 1666 to tell us all about the fire. She asked us how we found out about the fire and how it was put out. We said we looked up some information on a computer. Jemima didn't know what a computer was. She said she knew what books were and we told her all about Samuel Pepy's diary.

We performed a drama piece about Jemima's experience during the fire. Jemima said she went to bed, she wrapped herself up in her blanket and went to sleep.

She then heard a small shout "fire". But her sister said not to worry and to go back to bed. Jemima tucked herself back into her blanket and went back to sleep. She then heard "fire" this time a little bit louder. Jemima told her sister again but was told to get back to sleep. A loud shout of "FIRE" and banging on the door made Jemima get up out of bed to see what the fuss was about. 

So we packed up our belongings and walked to safety. It was very crowded so we bumped into a lot of people and had to say sorry. 

Jemima told us we were going to be putting out the fire.
Four of us acted out putting out the fire by using buckets and water from the Thames.

Some of us acted as the fire.

The fire spreading through London.

The firefighters had to put out the fire with buckets. Once all 4 firefighters had put their buckets on the fire, the fire was put out. 

Monday, 4 June 2018

Fire station visit

Acorn class are learning all about The Great Fire of London. We have learnt that they didn't have much equipment to deal with the fire.

Friday 27th April, Acorn class went to Cromer fire station to see how they deal with fires nowadays compared to 1666.

We met up with a firefighter called Chris. Chris took us to the room where the firefighters get themselves ready for action!

Miss Page got dressed up in the uniform.

Chris wore an oxygen mask. 
We got to sit inside the fire engine and see what it was like. We didn't realise it was so big inside!

Chris moved the fire engine so we could have a go at using the fire hose. It was very powerful!
 James said this was his favourite part. 

At the end Chris put the blue flashing lights on. We all covered our ears as it was very loud. 

Thank you so much to Chris and everyone at Cromer Fire Station for having us and showing us all about his job. 

Friday, 20 April 2018

Karate grading before half term

During the half term before Easter, Acorn class have been doing karate lessons with Shaun ESKA (Eastern Shotokan Karate Association).

Acorn class have been working hard for many weeks, learning new karate moves.

At the end of the half term it was time to take their grading. A grading shows what the children have learnt throughout the weeks.

We had to sit beautifully on the mat and wait for our names to be called  by sensei Shaun.
We were split into two groups. Each group took half an hour to do their grading.

At the end we got given our red t-shirts and certificates. We all passed and we are so pleased.