Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Science egg experiment

Yesterday in Acorn class, we took part in a class experiment. The aim of the experiment was to see if an egg would smash in a bag if it was protected by materials. 
For this experiment we would need: 
6 boiled eggs
6 sandwich bags 
6 different materials

For our experiment we used: 
Paper towels (2 to be exact) 
Tissues (2 to be exact) 
A bowl of packaging foam
A whiteboard cloth 
Paper (1 sheet) 

Reception went off to predict what they thought would happen. Here are the results and their predictions. 

To ensure this was a fair experiment we made sure that we dropped the bags on the same surface. We also made sure we dropped the bag containing the egg at the same height each time. 

We had lots of fun with this experiment and cannot wait to do another one soon! 

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