Friday, 29 September 2017

Class trip to Time and Tide museum - 19.09.2017

Acorn class went on a school trip. The first one of the school year. We went to Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth.

In class we have been learning about RMS Titanic.

When we got to the museum we were taken up to a room where we were given tickets. We were told the tickets were our boarding passes to the Titanic so we must kept them safe.

On the ticket it had the persons name, their age, what their nationality is and which class they would be in. For example; first class, second class or third class.

We got a visit from a lady who was also about to board the Titanic with us. Her name was Ida Straus. Ida had her maid with her who was called Ellen Bird. Mrs Straus was a very posh lady and was in first class when on the Titanic.

Mrs Straus was telling her maid Ellen to go and lay the table ready for dinner.

We wanted to see how Ellen got the table ready in first class and what it is like to be in first class.

They had very nice plates and cutlery in first class especially compared to first class. In first class it was very basic.

When laying the table for the people in first class maths was included. The plate needed to be 2cm away from the edge of the table. So we needed to get a ruler and measure it.

We had to then place the knives and forks 1cm away from the plate. All of the different forks on one side and the knives and spoon on the other side.

Everyone was given a template on what needed to be where and we had to compare the template to ours.

Mrs Straus came in to see how we were getting on and if we had finished laying the table as she was getting very hungry.

Ellen asked if someone could pull out Mrs Straus' chair for her when she was about to sit down and push the chair back in so she's tucked in.

She said Anthony needed a little more practice as he was a little too slow in tucking her chair in for her.

Bonnie had to blow the trumpet to call for dinner. This would alert the passengers that it is time to sit down for dinner.

We learnt a dance that is done in first class. The boys had to pair up with the girls and dance with each other.

It was very fun.

We took Mrs Straus down to third class to play some games.
We had hoops and had to throw them on a stick.
 Mrs Straus didn't seem very comfortable as third class isn't as posh as first class is.

We dressed up in outfits that are from the times of Titanic

We had a great day and learnt so much.

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