Friday, 2 February 2018

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

On Tuesday (30.01.2018) the whole school went to University of East Anglia (UEA) to visit The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

We started our journey to Norwich via coach. It was just like the one we went on when we went to see Sleeping Beauty.

It took 45minutes for us to get to the UEA. When we arrived we put our lunches and our bags in a special room. The whole building was underground! We all thought that was very exciting.

We split into groups and got to walk around the Sainsbury Centre looking at the exhibitions. We mainly focused our attention to the exhibitions that were linked with masks as that is what we are going to be focusing on in art soon.

 We had a guide showing us around the centre.

 Here was one example of a mask. We got the chance to draw this mask at the end of our visit. 

The masks were all very different, there were none that looked similar to each other. The masks were all made out of various different things. For example; a few were made from wood, shell and metal.

 We got to try on some masks... 

 This mask was made from a pair of glasses.

 We all found this one very funny and a little bit scary. 

 We got shown a few masks that were around in the olden days. Our guide told us that this type of mask was used in back when the plague was around. The doctors would wear this mask. 

 After lunch Caitlyn asked us to draw a mask we had seen in the centre. 

 We were given a clipboard, a piece of paper and a pencil to draw. 

 We all concentrated very hard. 

 We got the chance to draw this mask. We decided that this was a mask of a man with a monkey on his head. 

 Rafe drew the mask of a man and monkey. 

 He took a closer look and chose to edit his picture to make it better. 

 Rafe still wasn't happy with his drawing so he sat for even longer to try and improve his initial picture. Well done Rafe!

 After our drawing session we got the chance to look around the UEA at other exhibitions that were outside. 
 The first one we saw was this huge red spiral design. We came to the conclusion that it looked like a roller coaster.

 We found a 'man' on the roof. This was a very interesting piece of art. 

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