Wednesday, 15 June 2016

KS1 athletics on Monday

On Monday KS1 went to Holt Primary to take part in an athletics event. 

 We wore our school kit. 

There were 10 different athletic activities such as long distance running, relay, throwing and long jump. 

 We had to see who could throw the howler the furthest. 
 Ready for action. 
 It went so far! 

The next activity we went on was the ladder. The team leaders told us there were 3 different ways of doing it. 
 One foot in each. 
 We liked this one. 

We had a go at javelin. 

We ran around the field. The time we had to beat was 49 seconds. 
 We had a team talk before we set off.
 And we're off! 
Lily came first in an amazing time of 54 seconds. So close to beating the record holder. 

Next activity was long jump. 
We can jump so far. 

Our last activity was to see who can jump over the cones the quickest. The record to beat on this one was 44 times in 20 seconds. 

We really enjoyed our afternoon at Holt athletics. We are so excited for the next one! Well done everyone.


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